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San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Live
Sunday 19th January 22:30 - 01:30 The San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks meet for the third time this season, in the NFC Championship ...
19th January 2014
New Orleans Saints v Seattle Seahawks Live
Saturday 11th January 20:35 - 23:35 When the New Orleans Saints travelled to Seattle Seahawks in early December, they were humbled to the tune o...
11th January 2014
Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks Live
Sunday 17th November 20:25 - 23:25 After finally managing to secure their 2nd victory of the season, the Minnesota Vikings hope to build on thei...
17th November 2013
New York Jets v Seattle Seahawks Live
Sunday 11th November 16:05 - 19:05 On Sunday, November 11th, the New York Jets and the Seattle Seahawks face off at CenturyLink Field. This game ...
11th November 2012