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Chicago Bears                          Carolina Panthers
Saturday 10th August 00:00 - 03:00


The teams from the North and the South, the Chicago Bears and the Carolina Panthers will face off on Friday, as the two teams look to start their preseason on a high. The Panthers will have the luxury to play at home i.e. the Bank of America stadium.

No official injury concerns for the Panthers, as they look to defeat the Bears with full strength on Friday. Their players are quite capable of pulling off a spectacular win over their opponents. It all will depend on their performance on the field tomorrow.

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They will require the services of Cam Newton and Steve Smith for the first match of their campaign. Both have been a blessing for the Panthers, and the team will hope they play well and help them to win the first game.

The Bears are down on NFC North Rankings of 2012; however, they can rise up in 2013, if they manage to get on a winning track starting from Friday. Injuries to players will make team selection difficult, but the bench players are talented also enough to perform well.Matt Forte and Brandon Marshall remain the key players for the Bears in 2013 as well.

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Posted: 10th August 2013

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