Cleveland Browns v New England Patriots Live

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Cleveland Browns                          New England Patriots
Sunday 8th December 17:00 - 20:00


After letting themselves down for the 8th occasion, this season, the Cleveland Browns hope to deliver an improved performance as they team up against the New England Patriots, this Sunday. The Patriots will be playing host to the Browns at the Gillette Stadium. The Browns have been pretty worse this season, notching up 8 losses, last of which came against the weak Jacksonville Jaguars by 32-28. They really need to find a winning combination and plan; otherwise things will go more disarray for them in the upcoming game.

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Brandon Weeden did his job well, but could prevent not his side from registering their 8th loss, this past week. He will be hoping to take his side to a much needed win, this Sunday. The Patriots completed their 9th victory of the season, as they sneak past the Houston Texans by 34-31. They will not be fully satisfied with their last performance, and will be aiming for a more comprehensive victory, in the upcoming game. Tom Brady was quite exceptional for the Patriots, as he showed supreme skills on the field in the last game. The Patriots will be expecting another top performance from him, as they look for their 10th victory, this Sunday.

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Posted: 8th December 2013

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