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Dallas Cowboys                          Baltimore Ravens
Sunday 14th October 13:00 - 16:00


On Sunday, October 14th, the Dallas Cowboys and the Baltimore Ravens will go head to head at the M&T Bank Stadium at 1:00PM. This is the sixth week of play for the regular season of the NFL, and right now the Cowboys are suffering from what has plagued them over the past two seasons – poor performances that could make them miss the playoffs again. They actually aren't doing too badly in comparison to the rest of the NFC East, right now with a record of 2 and 2, ane they had a loss against Chicago on October 1st.

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As for the Baltimore Ravens, they weren't at their best last weekend, but they were able to secure a win over the Kansas City Chiefs last weekend, with a final of 9-6. The Ravens allowed 214 rushing yards, which is more than it has allowed in games since 1997 when they played Pittsburgh, and they didn't score a touchdown either, which is another thing that hasn't happened in a while – 43 regular season games in fact. The Ravens are playing at home this week, and that might make a difference since they play a little better at home, at least this season.

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Posted: 14th October 2012

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