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Dallas Cowboys                          Washington Redskins
Sunday 22nd December 17:00 - 20:00


After suffering from their 7th loss of the season, the Dallas Cowboys aim to come up with an improved performance, as they face off against the Washington Redskins, this Sunday. The Redskins are scheduled to host their opponents at the FedEx Field. The Cowboys were going smoothly with their form, until they lost their last two games badly. They were pretty close of completing a win, but lost by 37-36 to the Green Bay Packers, this past week. They will have to improve their finishing skills and learn to hold their nerves if they want to make a comeback in the next game. Tony Romo did a decent job for the Cowboys, but could not achieve a much needed victory for his side in the last game. He will be hoping to take his side over the finish line, this Sunday.

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The Redskins continued with their dreadful performance, as they went down against the Atlanta Falcons by 27-26 in a tight finish. The last game shows their level of confidence where they could not overcome weak Falcons, and they need to quickly sort out their issues and come up with a win, this Sunday. Kirk Cousins did a good job for his side, but would feeling extremely low on confidence after witnessing yet another loss, this past week. He will be hoping to somehow manage a match winning performance, this Sunday.

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Posted: 22nd December 2013

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