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Denver Broncos                          Houston Texans
Sunday 22nd December 17:00 - 20:00


After completing their 4th loss of the season, the Denver Broncos look to come up with a better performance, as they lock horns against the Houston Texans, this Sunday. Reliant Stadium, home to the Texans, will play host to this week 16 game. The Broncos would be feeling pretty disappointed after going down against the San Diego Chargers by 27-20, this past week. The Broncos will be practicing hard and trying to, learn from the mistakes committed and come up with a strong performance in the upcoming game.

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Peyton Manning did his job well, but could not prevent a sorrow loss for his side, this past week. He holds the key for the Broncos, as they look to come up with an important victory, this Sunday. The Texans horror run continued, as they lost to the Indianapolis Colts by 25-3, this past week. They have only two games left to prove themselves as a competing team, and they will be desperate to secure a win in those games. Case Keenum played well within his limits, but could not prevent the inevitable, this past week. He will be hoping to somehow secure a victory for his side, this Sunday.

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Posted: 22nd December 2013

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