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Sunday 7th October 16:05 - 19:15


On Sunday, October 7th, the Denver Broncos take on the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium, at 4:25PM Eastern in the fifth week of the regular season. The Denver Broncos did not have a good season last year, and that's why they have sought a future Hall of Fame QB. They have been able to stand up well to the Patriots in some of the most recent games, and Peyton Manning will try to take the Broncos to a victory this weekend, when Tom Brady and the New England Patriots host them. Both teams are 2 and 2 right now.

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Last year, Denver made it to the playoffs for the first time in the past five years, and the opening game they were able to win in overtime with Tim Tebow at the helm. However, after that, the New England Patriots took them out with a bang, final of 24 to 10 in the second week. Tim Tebow was just 9 of 26 for a dismal total of 136 yards. Comparitively, Tom Brady had 363 yards and got himself a career high six touchdowns. When Peyton Manning ended his fourteen years with the Colts, the Denver Broncos were eager to sign him.

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Posted: 7th October 2012

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