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Green Bay Packers                          Baltimore Ravens
Sunday 13th October 17:00 - 20:00


After completing their second win of the season, the Green Bay Packers will now face the Baltimore Ravens, in the week 6 clash, this Sunday. The Ravens will host their opponents at the M&T Bank Stadium. The Packers have had a mixed season so far, losing their first game, then winning the next one, then losing, and then finally winning their last game against the Detroit Lions by 22-9. They will be itching to take the field, and overcome the experienced Ravens, in the upcoming game.

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Aaron Rodgers was the best player for the Packers in their previous game, as he showed excellent passing skills. He remains a key player for the Packers, in the next match as well. The Ravens managed to secure their 3rd victory of the season, as they overpowered the Miami Dolphins by 26-23, in their last match. They have so far completed 3 wins, to go with 2 losses, in the season. They will hoping to increase their win tally to 4, in the next game. Joe Flacco, as always, was largely responsible for Ravens last victory, as he showed sublime passing skills, in the previous game. Flacco will remain an important asset for the Ravens, throughout the season.

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Posted: 13th October 2013

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