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Saturday 11th August 19:30 - 22:30 GMT


On Saturday, August 11th, the Houston Texans take on the Carolina Panthers at 7:00PM at the Bank of America Stadium. Carolina's last season was made of up highs and lows, but they have found salvation in Cameron Newton, who broke records in 2011 and will be trying to make even more magic happen in 2012. Carolina started the 2011 season without anyone expecting too much as they were under the direction of an untested head coach, Ron Rivera and had a rookie quarterback to lead them. But Rivera and Newton made 2011 a great year for the team.

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Houston lost two defensive play makers in the off season but last year they were able to make it to their very first playoff game under the new franchise. Houston finished last season ten and six overall and had third string quarterback TJ Yates to take them through the playoffs. They did very well under the circumstances, especially Yates, and now they have two pro bowlers back, Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson and they should have a great season. As for their defense, they lost two leaders on the field in Mario Williams and DeMeco Ryans.

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Posted: 11th August 2012

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