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Sunday 12th January 00:15 - 03:15


The Patriots gained the bonus for their efforts during the regular season, which saw them finish as the number 2 seed in the AFC, of having last weekend off, to rest and prepare for their home match against, as it turns out the Colts. The Indianapolis Colts make the trip to New England Patriots, as a result of their astonishing come from behind victory against the Chiefs. From 28 points down, and seemingly down and out, the Colts rallied behind Andrew Luck, and they completed an amazing 45-44 victory. Although he lost his only play-off road trip, when he was still a rookie last season, Luck now knows what it takes to win the big games away from home, and will be a key player on Sunday, when the teams clash for the first time this year.

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One area that the Pats know they will have to improve on massively, is their defense on third down, which was only the 26th best in the league during the regular season, and against a red hot Luck, this is an area they might hurt them. Chandler Jones with 11 1/2 sacks to his name during the regular season, will have to apply pressure to Luck, and get the Pats defense stirred to action.

Posted: 18th November 2012

The New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts will face off at 4:25PM Eastern in Week Eleven at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, November 18th. The Patriots and the Colts have not played each other for a year, but in the past, they know what it was like for these two teams that dominated the AFC. This is a game that matters to both of them. They have gotten together thirteen times, with three games played in the post season, since Tom Brady started for the Patriots against the Indianapolis Colts in 2001.

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However, they have only gotten together once when the teams did not have a winning record, and that was last season, and it saw Peyton Manning miss the entire season because of neck surgery. Indianapolis was 0-11. Now, the Colts, who are six and three have Andrew Luck in charge of the offense and they have made it back to a possible spot in the playoffs, with a four game winning streak behind them as they play in Sunday's game. Luck has 208 of 362 completed attempts and ranks eighth in the NFL right now.

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Posted: 12th January 2014

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