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Minnesota Vikings                          Baltimore Ravens
Sunday 8th December 17:00 - 20:00


After emerging out victorious for the 3rd occasion, this season, the Minnesota Vikings aim to consolidate further, as they lock horns against the Baltimore Ravens, this Sunday. The Ravens are scheduled to host the Vikings at the M&T Bank Stadium. The Vikings will be hoping to strengthen their position, after suffering from 9 losses in the season, overall. Their last win against the Chicago Bears by 23-20 in overtime, would have increased their confidence, and they be eager to secure another victory, this Sunday.

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Matt Cassel was the star performer for the Vikings, as he displayed amazing passing abilities, this past week. The Vikings will be banking on him, as they hope to complete their 4th victory of the season, this Sunday. The Ravens managed to secure their 6th win of the season, as they sneak past the Pittsburgh Steelers by 22-20, this past week. Their performances have been average this season, and they will be hoping to build on their last victory, and secure another, this Sunday. Joe Flacco played a big hand in the Ravens victory, as he showed excellent passing skills, this past week. He will be eager to take his side to another thrilling victory in the upcoming game.

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Posted: 8th December 2013

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