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Monday 26th August 00:00 - 03:00


After a string of poor performances in the last two games, the Minnesota Vikings look for their first win of the Preseason, as they will now face the San Francisco 49ers, this Sunday. The 49ers will host the Vikings at the Candlestick Park. The Vikings were not as bad in their previous game, as the results show. The last match was pretty close, but they have to cross the finishing line, in order to be considered a good team. They have yet another chance to prove themselves, as they face the shaky 49ers, this Sunday.

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A lot will depend on the mindset of players before the game, and their performance on the field. They will have take the two defeats out of the system, and play their natural game without any fear, and this way they can expect to come out victorious. The 49ers had two close games, one of which they managed to win, but still have to improve a lot. They will be facing a depleted side, and must take advantage of what is on offer, this Saturday. BJ. Daniels and company should not be complacent, as the Vikings also have the potential to overcome them. If the 49ers play to their full potential, they can outclass the Vikings comfortably.

Posted: 10th August 2012

On Friday, August 10th, the San Francisco 49ers and the Minnesota Vikings go head to head at 9:00PM at Candlestick Park. This will be the first week of the preseason and the Vikings are at the point in the preseason where they will be testing the mettle of their rookies and finding out just who has exactly what for this upcoming season. QB Christian Ponder will be playing a few games this season and the Vikings are going to be working hard in the playbook because of an upcoming game between them and the 49ers in Week Three of the regular season.

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As for the San Francisco 49ers, they are hosting the Viks this week, and this game may be a clue as to what will happen during the regular season game between these two teams. That means that both teams will have to be very careful about what they reveal during this preseason exhibition game, because they won't have much of a chance to observe each other before they play again. The Vikings will play Houston in the preseason's last week, and then in Week Sixteen of the regular season they will face them again.

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Posted: 26th August 2013

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