New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills Live

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New England Patriots                          Buffalo Bills
Sunday 8th September 17:00 - 20:00


After a superb finish to their preseason campaign, winning 3 of their 4 matches, the New England Patriots will now be up against the Buffalo Bills, in their first game of the regular season, this Sunday. The Bills will be playing at home, the Ralph Wilson Stadium. The Patriots were quite outstanding in the recently concluded preseason, as they managed to win by big margins. A one bad performance in the third game was quite nicely dealt with, as they won the last game comprehensively. Hence, the Patriots start as serious contenders in this regular season.

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Tom Brady will be hoping to perform again, as the Patriots eye a strong start to the regular season. Injury to Rob Gronkowski does not help, but Patriots are expected to come out all guns blazing. After a superb start to their preseason campaign, the Bills totally lost their way in the last two games. Hence, they would be down on confidence and need a boost to come up again. They have the players to provide that boost, but it still remains only a possibility as they face the Patriots, this Sunday. Few injury concerns have haunted the Bills just before the start of the regular season, and they are unlikely to play full strength, this Sunday.

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Posted: 8th September 2013

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