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New England Patriots                          Cincinnati Bengals
Sunday 6th October 17:00 - 20:00


After taking their tally to four consecutive wins with no loss, the New England Patriots look to uplift their season campaign even more, as they face the Cincinnati Bengals, this Sunday. The Bengals will play host to the Patriots at the Paul Brown Stadium. Tom Brady did yet another good job for his team in the game, as his passing skills were pretty extraordinary. He will be eager to continue delivering match winning performances for his team.

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The Patriots are on a roll, as they continue to come up with better performances, game after game. This time they overpowered the Atlanta Falcons by 30-23, and completed their 4th win in four games, this season. They are expected to dominate the Bengals as well, this Sunday. The Bengals went down again just when they looked like stepping on the winning track. They were humbled by the Cleveland Browns, who overcame them by 17-6. However, one defeat cannot set the tone for the season, and the Bengals would be practicing hard to make it true, this Sunday. Aaron Dalton was the lone warrior for the Bengals in the last game. He has been keeping the sinking Bengals ship afloat in tough times, and the team will largely depend on him this Sunday as well.

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Posted: 6th October 2013

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