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New England Patriots                          Houston Texans
Sunday 1st December 17:00 - 20:00


After emerging out victorious for the 8th occasion this season, the New England Patriots look to carry the momentum forward, as they meet against the Houston Texans, this Sunday. They are scheduled to be hosted by the Texans at the Reliant Stadium. The Patriots will be very happy with how things have panned out for them, this season. They have always been a top side at the NFL events, and their last win against Denver Broncos by 34-31, taking their tally to 8 wins, proves this fact. They start as favorites for the upcoming game.

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Tom Brady was quite extraordinary for the Patriots in the last game. He has got brilliant passing skills, and the Patriots will be hoping that he utilizes them to full effect, this Sunday. The Texans were humbled for the 9th time, this season, as they were overpowered by the weak Jacksonville Jaguars by 13-6, this past week. They have hit a new low this season, and it seems pretty tough for them to get out of this strangled situation. Case Keenum was the lone performer for the Texans in the last game. He would be hoping to get enough support from his teammates, and come up with a competitive performance, this Sunday.

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Posted: 1st December 2013

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