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New England Patriots                          New York Jets
Sunday 20th October 17:00 - 20:00


After completing their 5th victory of the season, the New England Patriots look to make further inroads, as they face the New York Jets, this Sunday. The Jets are scheduled to host the Patriots at the MetLife Stadium. The Patriots have been so far so good, and their last victory came against the New Orleans Saints in a tight finish by 30-27. They would not be fully satisfied with their performance, and will be hoping to come up with a more comprehensive victory, this Sunday.

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Tom Brady did a decent job for the Patriots in their last game, as he was pretty solid with his passing skills. The Patriots will want him to continue with the same performance, as they search for their 6th victory, this Sunday. After suffering from their third defeat of the season, the New York Jets hope to come up with a better performance, against the strong Patriots. They were overpowered by the Pittsburgh Steelers by 19-6, and a more difficult task lies ahead, this Sunday. Geno Smith came up with a good performance, but it was not enough to prevent a loss. He will be hoping to deliver a match winning performance for his team, this Sunday.

Posted: 22nd November 2012

On Thursday, November 22nd, the New York Jets and the New England Patriots are going to be playing at 8:20PM Eastern on Thanksgiving Day at Metlife Stadium in the 12th week of the regular season. Right now, the New England Patriots are seven and three as we head into Week Twelve while the New York Jets are four and six. Last week, we saw some of the big hitters in the NFL have trouble, but New England wasn't one of those teams, and they took out Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts who have been on fire last Sunday.

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This is the fifth time that the New England Patriots have played on Thanksgiving Day, and they are leading the AFC East right now, but looking to hold onto that spot even tighter. The Jets have been playing in the Thanksgiving annual holiday game since 1960 when they were the Titans instead. They played that first game against the Dallas Texans, and ended up winning 41 to 35. In 2011 in the divisional playoffs, the New England Patriots and the New York Jets face off and the Jets took it home 28 to 21.

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Posted: 20th October 2013

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