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New England Patriots                          Seattle Seahawks
Sunday 14th October 16:05 - 19:05


On Sunday, October 14th, at 4:05PM, the Seattle Seahawks will host the New England Patriots at the CenturyLink Field, in Week Six of the regular season. The New England Patriots have shown a great offense so far this season, with Tom Brady at the helm. The Patriots have been able to score a lot of points in the games that they have played, averaging around 33.0 points per game, and an average of 439 yards gained. The Patriots probably have Tom Brady to thank for that, but also they have a very well balanced offense.

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As for the Seattle Seahawks, they are a little inconsistent on offense, but they have one of the best defenses in the league. This game is at CenturyLink and Seattle has been able to do very well against opposing offenses at home. They were able to take on Dallas and beat them 27 to 7 on September 16th and then they played Green Bay a week later and won 14 to 12, although some players and fans blame that on the replacement referees rather than on the Seahawk's performance. New England has lost five out of seven to Seattle.

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Posted: 14th October 2012

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