New Orleans Saints v Carolina Panthers Live

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New Orleans Saints                          Carolina Panthers
Sunday 22nd December 17:00 - 20:00


After going down for the 4th occasion in this season, the New Orleans Saints look to stage a strong a comeback, as they team up against the Carolina Panthers, this Sunday. The Saints will be hosted by the Panthers at the Bank of America Stadium. The Saints have been doing quite well in the season, but they will be feeling a bit disappointed after losing to the Saint Louis Rams, this past week. They have a pretty strong team on paper, and they will be hoping to prove that in the upcoming encounter.

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Drew Brees played well within his limits, but could not prevent the loss for his side in the last game. The Saints will be hoping that he pushes them over the line in the upcoming game.The Panthers completed their 10th success of the season, as they overpowered the New York Jets by 30-20, this past week. They have the momentum on their side, and they will eager to utilize it and come out victorious in the upcoming game. Cam Newton showed excellent passing abilities, as he took his side to a big victory, this past week. He will be aiming to come up with another similar performance in the next game.

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Posted: 22nd December 2013

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