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Sunday 13th October 20:25 - 23:25


After securing their 5th consecutive victory of the season, the New Orleans Saints look for further glory as they face the New England Patriots, this Sunday. The Gillette Stadium, home to the Patriots is scheduled to host this game. The Saints will now be feeling on top of the moon, as they have completed 5 big wins on the trot. Their last victory came against Chicago Bears by 26-18, and they will be looking to repeat another similar performance, in the upcoming game.

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Drew Brees, as always, was the main performer for the Saints, in their overpowering of the Bears, this past week. The Saints will be expecting more match winning performances from him, as they look to register more wins under their belt. After suffering from their first defeat of the season, the Patriots will be feeling devastated and yet motivated to come up with a strong performance in the upcoming game. They will be relishing the challenge posed by the Saints, as an exciting contest is on the cards. Tom Brady and company did a decent job, but could not match their opponents, as they lost their last game by 13-6. Brady and his teammates are expected to come up with an even better performance, and take their team back on the winning track.

Posted: 9th August 2012

On Thursday, August 9th, the first week of the NFL preseason kicks off with the New Orleans Saints taking on the New England Patriots at 7:30PM Eastern. They will be playing at Gillette Stadium and right now, Saints finished up with the Hall of Fame game with a loss to the New Orleans Saints, ending 17 to 10, with the Cardinals scoring in the second and third quarters. The Saints scored all of their points in the first two quarters of the game. The Saints will be playing Jacksonville in Week Two of the preseason and Houston after that.

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As for the New England Patriots, they were on top last year when it came to passing yards, ending up leading the league in second overall. They were 20th in rushing yards. They had a great season as well with a total of 13 and 3 against their season of games, 5 and 1 against their own division and 10 and 2 against the entire AFC. They have Brady, Green-Ellis and Welker to thank for that, leading in passing, rushing and receiving respectively. They will play the Philadelphia Eagles in the second week of the preseason, on Monday, August 20th.

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Posted: 13th October 2013

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