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New Orleans Saints                          Seattle Seahawks
Saturday 11th January 20:35 - 23:35


When the New Orleans Saints travelled to Seattle Seahawks in early December, they were humbled to the tune of 34-7, and were never seriously in the game at any stage. Not that they were the only side to leave Seattle empty handed during the regular season, with the Seahawks losing only once at home, to the Cardinals in week 16, as they secured the top seed spot in the NFC. Seahawks won the previous encounter, despite the fact that their running back Marshawn Lynch, rushed for a total of only 45 yards and 2,8 yards per rush. That victory came on the back of the arm of Russell Wilson, who threw for 310 yards, and three touchdown passes, and no interceptions.

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Saints will once more be looking for a big game from their left tackle, Terron Armstead, who was so effective last week against the Eagles' Trent Cole, as the Saints proved that they could produce a good performance on the road. No doubt that the Seahawks will be coming at him in droves on passing downs. Having been missing from the first clash, this will be something of an unknown match up for Armstead this weekend. Saints will also be keen that running back Mark Ingram comes to the races, just as he did last week against the Eagles, when he helped to take the pressure off of Drew Brees, with his running game, and more of the same will be required, in order to stop Seattle's pass rush from getting a big slice of Brees.

Posted: 3rd December 2013

After emerging out victorious for the 9th occasion, this season, the New Orleans Saints look to deliver another great performance, as they lock horns against the Seattle Seahawks, this Sunday. The Seahawks will play host to the Saints at the CenturyLink Field. The Saints have always been a great side at the NFL events, and they have managed to live up to the reputation so far in this season. They completed a good victory against the Atlanta Falcons by 17-13, this past week, and start as strong contenders for the next game, this Sunday.

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Drew Brees, as always, showed supreme passing skills, as he helped his side to a good win, this past week. He will be the key player for the Saints in the upcoming game. The Seahawks completed their 10th win of the season, as they thrashed the Minnesota Vikings by 41-20, this past week. They will face a much tougher opponent this Sunday, and will be relishing the opportunity to defeat them, and get on top. Russell Wilson was quite remarkable with his passing, as he took his side to a big win in the last game. The Seahawks will be depending on him in the next game as well.

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Posted: 11th January 2014

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