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New York Giants                          Kansas City Chiefs
Sunday 29th September 17:00 - 20:00


After suffering from another sorrow defeat in their last game, the New York Giants look for a ray of hope to win as they face the Kansas City Chiefs, this Sunday. The Chiefs will play host to the Giants at the Arrowhead Stadium. The Giants had yet another miserable game, as they totally were dominated by the Carolina Panthers in a 38-0 thrashing. They have to somehow forget what happened in their first three games, and come up with a fresh mind, and hope for a spark of individual brilliance to secure a victory.

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Eli Manning tried to match his opponent counterparts, but failed in his efforts. None of the other players looked like trying to compete. The players need to show more responsibility and skills, if the Giants want to survive at this professional level. On the other hand, the Chiefs will be feeling a pretty confident unit after completing their 3rd consecutive victory in the last game. Another win is expected from them this Sunday, and they will be pretty confident of achieving the feat. Alex Smith has been doing a great job for the Chiefs recently, and he will be quite eager to win more matches for his team.

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Posted: 29th September 2013

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