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Pittsburgh Steelers                          Philadelphia Eagles
Thursday 9th August 19:30 - 22:30 GMT


Thursday, August 9th, right after Hall of Fame week, the Lincoln Financial Field will play host to the Pittsburgh Steelers, taking on the Eagles at 7:30PM. The Pittsburgh Steelers were 12 and 4 last year against everyone and 4 and 2 against their own division. They went 9 and 3 against the AFC and Roethlisberger led the team in passing. They were ranked 10th in overall passing yards last year and 14th in rushing yards. Their schedule for the preseason includes the Indianapolis Colts in Week Two, Buffalo in Week Three and Carolina in Week Four.

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We find the Philadelphia Eagles sitting at eight and eight for last season's games, but they did well in their own division, ending up with 6 and 1. They went 6 and 6 against the entire NFC however, but they were 9th in passing yard with 256.9 and 5th in rushing yards with 142.3. Their Week Two opponent in the preseason will be the New England Patriots, with the game scheduled for Monday, August 20th and then in Week Three, they will go up against the Cleveland Browns. Finally, they will finish out their preseason games against New York.


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Posted: 9th August 2012

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