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San Diego Chargers                          Denver Broncos
Sunday 12th January 20:40 - 23:40


Broncos may have put their feet up last weekend as the top seeds in the AFC, expecting to find themselves playing host to the Bengals this Sunday. However, the San Diego Chargers produced an upset in Cincinnati, with their defense leading their effort, producing four turnovers. These two sides will now have to meet for the third time this season. with the Chargers coming out on top in mid-December by 27-20, when the Denver Broncos ran for just 18 yards on 11 carries, with Knowshon Moreno managing 2.4 yards per carry. Broncos had won the earlier fixture in San Diego.

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The vital area of the game will probably come with the match up between the Chargers pass rushers and the Broncos tackles, who will need to provide the protection and time for record breaking Quarter Back, Peyton Manning, to weave his magic once more. If Chris Clark and Orlando Franklin, can repel Melvin Ingram and the rest of his pass chargers, then Manning will most likely lead his side to another victory, and leave them just one game away from yet another Super Bowl appearance. Manning may have had yet another amazingly successful season, from a performance and records point of view, but he will be only too aware, that he will be remembered for what happens in the Post season, and not for the records that are posted in the regular season.

Posted: 13th December 2013

After emerging out victorious for the 6th time, this season, the San Diego Chargers aim to come up with another good performance, as they face off against the Denver Broncos, this Thursday. The Broncos will play host to the Chargers at the Sports Authority Field at Mile High. The Chargers have had a mixed season so far, but they would have been boosted after completing a big win against the New York Giants by 37-14 in their last game. They will be feeling relaxed and looking forward to build on their recent performance in the upcoming game.

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Philip Rivers had a remarkable game, as he took the Chargers to an important victory, this past week. He remains the key player for the Chargers in the next game. The Broncos literally destroyed the Tennessee Titans by a margin of 51-28, as they took their tally to 10 wins, this past week. They are a pretty confident unit, and are expected to overpower their opponents in the next game. Peyton Manning, as always, was the top performer for the Broncos in their last victory. The Broncos will be expecting another similar performance from him, as they set eyes on their 11th triumph of the season, this Thursday.

Posted: 18th November 2012

On Sunday, November 18th, the Denver Broncos and the San Diego Chargers face off at Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium at 4:25PM in Week Eleven. The Denver Broncos made a comeback recently that tied them with the San Diego Chargers in the top spot of the AFC West. Now, the Broncos are hoping to widen that division lead and make it so that they are going to be kings of the division without any competition. They are looking at what will be their fifth consecutive win if they can get a victory on Sunday.

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The Denver Broncos are looking for their fifth straight win on Sunday, The Broncos won in San Diego on October 15th, for a final of 35 to 24, even they were 0 to 24 at halftime. The Broncos have the sixth ranked defense in the lague and have 12 sacks in the last two games. During the games that made up their winning streak they were allowing 18.8 points per game. They are playing very well, but they need to continue the momentum if they want to take some positive turnarounds to the playoffs.

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Posted: 12th January 2014

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