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San Francisco 49ers                          St Louis Rams
Friday 27th September 00:25 - 03:25


After going down in yet another game, after a good start to their regular season, the San Francisco 49ers look to prevent their 3rd consecutive defeat as they face the St Louis Rams, this Thursday. The Rams will play host to the 49ers at the Edward Jones Dome. It has all been downhill for the 49ers after a brilliant preseason. They have looked totally out of sorts, as they have lost both their recent games by big margins. The management and coaches need to seriously address and resolve the sudden dip in form; otherwise the 49ers will fall into a deep pit.

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Colin Kaepernick and Frank Gore did a decent job for their team, but could not match their opponents play in the last game. They need to come out with even better performance to seal a victory against the Rams, this Thursday. The Saint Louis Rams also have a similar case, as they have lost both their last games comfortably. The good kick start to the season has been thrown away, as the players look like they have forgot their skills on the playing field. Sam Bradford was the main the player for the Rams, this past week, and will remain the key for them in the next encounter on Thursday.

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Posted: 27th September 2013

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