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St Louis Rams                          Indianapolis Colts
Sunday 10th Novembert 17:00 - 20:00


The St Louis Rams disappointing season continued as they suffered from their 6th loss, and they will now lock horns against the Indianapolis Colts, this Sunday. Lucas Oil Stadium, home to the Colts, is scheduled to host this week 10 game. The Rams had a bad last game, as they were overhauled by the Tennessee Titans in a 28-21 finish. They did not look like completing a victory in the last game, and they will have to play an attacking game, if they are to trouble the Colts at their home, this Sunday.

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Kellen Clemens did a fine job for his side, but the loss would have dented his confidence. However, Clemens has been delivering for the Rams recently, and he expected to play his part well, this Sunday. The Colts have been cruising so far with 6 wins out of 8, under their belt. They were pretty extraordinary in the last game, as they secured a thrilling victory against the Houston Texans by 27-24, and will be up and confident for the next challenge, this Sunday. Andrew Luck had a decent outing, as he helped his side to an important victory, this past week. He is expected to continue with the same performance, this Sunday as well.

Posted: 12th August 2012

On Sunday, August 12th, the St Louis Rams and the Indianapolis Colts will play at Lucas Oil Stadium at 1:30PM. It's impossible to know who is going to do what in this game or even this entire preseason as yet, especially since there is no clear indication who will be playing yet. Last year, the Colts finished out the season with the worst record in the league, after many years of making appearances at the playoffs. They are without Peyton Manning, but Andrew Luck will be taking over for him and it is unknown how that will turn out.

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As for the Rams, they tied last year for the worst record, but they traded off their first round pick for others who could change the entire game for the team. They didn't take Robert Giffin III, and have Sam Bradford with Kellen Clemmons as a backup. Tom Brandstater and Austin Davis are vying for the third spot. They also have a rookie by the name of Isaiah Pead who will probably start a few. The wide receiver spot that is open could be filled by Danny Amendola, Brandon Gibson, Brian Quick, Steve Smith or Danario Alexander.

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Posted: 10th November 2013

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