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Saturday 24th August 23:30 - 02:30


After suffering another big loss in their 2nd game, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers look for a better performance as they line up against the Miami Dolphins, this Saturday. The Dolphins look for their second win, as they host the match at Sun Life Stadium. The Dolphins showed promise in the first game, but threw it all away in the second game as they registered a 17-24 loss. Nevertheless, they are quite capable of coming back, as their potential showed up in the first game.

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Ryan Tannehill needs more support from other players, than what he achieved in the 2nd game. If all players play to the full of their capability, the Dolphins can overcome the Buccaneers, this Saturday. The Buccaneers now look an even weaker side after they lost their second game against the strong New England Patriots. They need to continue improving and learning from the mistakes they committed, otherwise they will be overhauled by the other teams as well. Mike Glennon played exceptionally well in the last game, and it is his responsibility to carry the good form forward, and encourage other players to do the same, as the Buccaneers look for their first victory of the Preseason.

Posted: 10th August 2012

On Friday, August 10th, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Miami Dolphins will kick off the first week of the preseason at 7:30PM with a game at the Sun Life Stadium. Both of these teams will be bringing brand new head coaches to the game, and this will say a lot about the teams and the new direction that they will be taking under their new leaders. Miami is also in the midst of a lockup for quarterback right now and head coach Joe Philbin, who comes ot the team from Green Bay. Mike Sherman will be running the offense and he brings draft QB Ryan Tannehill.

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As for Tampa Bay, they have Greg Schiano on their side, taking over as Head Coach. Last year, they had high hopes as they entered the season, a very far place from where they had been the year before. They weren't able to do much of what they had planned for last season, ending up with a record of just four wins and twelve losses. But now with Schiano entering the picture, the roster has a solid leader, staring with quarterback Josh Freeman, who had some trouble in the last season, but will hope to come back strong this one.

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Posted: 24th August 2013

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