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Tampa Bay Buccaneers                          New England Patriots
Sunday 22nd September 17:00 - 20:00


After losing another closely fought contest in their 2nd game of the season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will now face the New England Patriots, this Sunday. The Gillette Stadium, home to the Patriots, will play host to this game. The Buccaneers will consider them pretty unlucky, as they came so close of victory in both the games, but lost by a minimal margin. However, both the games are now done and dusted, and they need to focus and plan for their game against the Patriots.

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Josh Freeman and company will be desperate to get over the line, this Sunday, as they are on the verge of 3rd consecutive defeat. They need to plan and practice hard, if they are to overcome the New England Patriots. The Patriots managed to secure an opposite result than the Buccaneers, as they won two close games, owing somewhat to their luck. They would be hoping to complete more comfortable victories in the upcoming games, starting from this Sunday. Tom Brady did a great job when it comes to passing, and he will be hoping to build on his performance, as the Patriots search for their 3rd consecutive victory, this Sunday.

Posted: 17th August 2013

After being crushed by the Baltimore Ravens by 44-16 in their last game, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lock horns with New England Patriots, this Friday. The Patriots, on the other hand, won their first game of the season comfortably. The Patriots will play hosts to the Buccaneers at the Gillette Stadium. The Buccaneers kept the Ravens in check in the early part of the last game, but Ravens blew away in the remaining part of the game, as the Buccaneers suffered a huge defeat. They need to forget that defeat and look to plan for the game on Friday.

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Mike Glennon played well for the Buccaneers. His passing was extremely good in the last game. He only needs support from the other players, and then Buccaneers can also become a competitive side on Friday. The Patriots were looked in control for most of the last game, and finally secured a good victory. They will be hoping to carry the momentum into the remaining 3 matches of the Preseason and beyond. LeGarrette Blount has been a great player for the Patriots recently, and he needs to deliver for the Patriots, as they look to build momentum for the regular season.

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Posted: 22nd September 2013

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