Quarterback Coach Calls Out Mark Sanchez for Poor Decisions

Mark Sanchez

New York Jets QB coach Matt Cavanaugh told the New York Daily News on Sunday that Mark Sanchez needs to make better decisions if he wants to reduce the number of interceptions, which are costing the team. Cavanaugh was quoted as saying that some turnovers that had the blame assigned to Sanchez were not actually his fault, but for the rest, he has to cut down on them.

Cavanaugh said that most of the turnovers were actually the result of poor decision making on the part of Mark Sanchez. Last year, for the first time in the three years that Sanchez has been with the team, the Jets did not make it to the playoffs, and lost the last three games.

They ended with an eight and eight record and 7 of the 18 interceptions thrown by Sanchez were in those last three losses. Cavanaugh went on to add that Sanchez probably hadn't questions his decisions when the team was at eight and five, but after losing those last three, it started to occur to him that perhaps he had not made the right choice in every case.

The entire season, Mark Sanchez was responsible for turning the ball over a total of twenty six times.

Clippings: Matt Cavanaugh, Mark Sanchez
Posted: 14th May 2012

Football News � Quarterback Coach Calls Out Mark Sanchez for Poor Decisions
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