Reporters Criticism of Brian Price Hits Too Close to Home

Greg Schiano

Tampa Bay Buccaneers player Brian Price was recently the subject of an alleged reporter's discussion, for not being present during the first team activity under newly appointed Coach Greg Schiano. One of the reporters was supposed to have said that Price “better have had a death in the family” to be misisng such an important event. In fact, that's exactly what Brian Price did have, and now he is not happy with the reporter's comments. The former second round draft pick, who had been injured often, recently lost his sister, Bridget James in a hit-and-run accident.

Bridget James was 33 years old, and was Price's elder sister. The accident occurred two weeks before the meeting that Price was not present. Price also lost his two brothers, who were murdered, while being raised in Los Angeles. Price was quoted as saying that it was difficult to see his mother go through that again, and he called his sister, Bridget, his best friend and “homie”. He said that she was very protective and would send him inspirational texts. Price spent three days in a hospital and then went home, under orders from the team doctor.

Clippings: Greg Schiano, Brian Price, Bridget James
Posted: 19th May 2012

Football News � Reporters Criticism of Brian Price Hits Too Close to Home
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